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White Rim Road Canyonlands National Park, UT

White Rim Road Canyonlands National Park, UT

The White Rim Road

The White Rim Road is a loop around the Island in the Sky Mesa. It has endless views over the the three districts of Canyonlands. (Island in the Sky, The Maze, and the Needles District) It is a technical 4WD road that can take a few days to comfortably ride the entire loop.

Under good weather conditions, the White Rim is moderately difficult for stock high clearance vehicles with many steep and exposed sections around Mineral Bottom, Lathrop Canyon Road, Hardscrabble Hill, Murphy Hogback, , and Shafer Trail. This makes it hard for a support crew and a few sections which are hard to clean on the bike.

You must watch out for high flood season of the green river which comes close and can sometimes close the road making the loop impossible. Day use and overnight permits are necessary for ALL travel and most often requested in the more hospital months in the spring and fall.

Always head out prepared for the worst with plenty of water and supplies for a few days of epic views in the seamlessly endless desert.

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Splitboarding in Hokkaido Japan 2017/18 winter

Splitboarding in Hokkaido Japan 2017/18 winter