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Bike Packing The Colorado Trail for High Fives Foundation

Bike Packing The Colorado Trail for High Fives Foundation

About the Campaign

I pedaled across one of the longest and more arduous bikepacking routes in the United States to raise awareness and funds for injured athletes.


I'm inspired by the High Fives athletes who suffered life-altering injuries, and I feel deeply passionate in continuing to promote injury prevention awareness. Having High Fives providing the necessary resources and inspiration to those who suffer life-changing injuries is beyond admirable. 

I personally wanted to help High Fives by increasing athlete grants while bike packing the Colorado Trail this summer. Organizing an outdoor product raffle and donation program will allow me to support High Fives athletes with the proper rehabilitation they deserve. All in the name of getting individuals rehabbed and enjoying life to the fullest. I couldn't be happier to be part of such an amazing movement!!


Bike mission across Colorado to help raise funds for injured athletes to get proper rehabilitation and a kickstart to help them regain their outdoor lives!

Day 1: Water canyon - Goose Creek  

57.4 Miles


Day 2: Goose Creek -Breckenridge

93.1 Miles


Day 3: Breckenridge - Searle Pass

15.4 Miles


Day 4: Searle Pass - Buena Vista

91.5 Miles


Day 5: Buena Vista - Fooses Creek

33.6 Miles


Day 6: Fooses Creek - Baldy Lake 

35.3 Miles


Day 7: Baldy Lake - McDonough Reservoir 

41.0 Miles


Day 8: McDonough Reservoir - Spring Creek 

40.8 Miles


Day 9: Spring Creek - Silverton 

42.3 Miles


Day 10: Silverton - Hermosa Peak 

28.9 Miles


Day 11: Hermosa Peak - Durango

53.6 Miles

During a short window during the summer, the snow melts to uncover one of the best high altitude trails in the Rocky Mountains. The Coloroado Trail consists of 540 miles, from Littleton, CO - Durango, CO while climbing over 72,000 vertical feet. 

Took a blistering 11 days to bikepack the 28 segments while completing it solo and with no assist vehicle.

This trip didn’t come easy and I had plenty of training leading up the departure with tons of time spend riding in extreme conditions as well as many logistical hurdles to overcome by careful planning and time on the saddle.

Generous product donations from sponsors (Weston Snowboards, Zeal Optics, and Swany Gloves) helped gain exposure for the fundraiser to reach the goal of $2,500 USD from over 40 donors. These funds will go on to help life altered athletes receive the proper rehabilitation and physical therapy to regain a life outdoors.  


Special thanks to Zeal Optics, Weston Snowboards, Dancing Moose and Swany Gloves for the added support!

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Bike Packing the Kokopelli Trail

Bike Packing the Kokopelli Trail

Cardrona Ski Field

Cardrona Ski Field