Growing up in the Colorado Rockies has transformed my life. Since 2 years of age, I haven't been able to leave the snow, it has dominated my life as I embrace sports and love doing it everyday.  Growing up, I competed in Regional slope-style, boarder-cross, and rail jams for fun and to push my abilities, but realized there could be more.  After attending the University of Colorado at Boulder to focus on studies and expand my mind. After school and not long into a professional Cartography career, I figured out there was way more to life than just making fat paychecks while sitting at a desk. Didn't take long to realize that experiences and happiness were way more valuable. Countless experiences have led me to seeking an unconventional lifestyle. 

Here's an attempt at making my first blog about international travels revolving around snowboarding, Freeride World Qualifiers, Mountain Biking, and traveling the globe.


Zach Husted                  Based in Frisco, Colorado                                   Instagram: Zach_Husted


Brian Stenerson             Based in South Lake Tahoe, California