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Mt. Elbert MTB 14,440ft (4401.2M)

Two good friends from New Zealand were visiting Colorado for a few weeks and had to show them how High we get here in Colorado.

Mt. Elbert is the highest highest summit of the Rocky Mountains in North America and the highest point in the U.S. State of Colorado. This was the objective, haul our bikes to the top and then run em' down as fast as humanly possible.

We had an 7am near Twin Lakes at the trail head and started the pedal. Made it all of a mile on the bike and then proceeded to hike our bikes the following 94% of the approach to the summit. The hike was littered with groups constantly turning around due to the storm clouds approaching from the West. Picking the pace up we made the summit just under 4 hours. Weather held out and made the most of the view and a couple photos.

Huge thanks to Carl Jones for making this edit happen! 

We had no choice but to stop in order for our overheating rotors to cool down and our hands to get blood flowing again. The decent could not have gone any better ! Ended by a soak in twin lakes for a little recovery.

Honestly my favorite downhill track I have done in all of Colorado, due to its length and technical/terrain diversity. A must for those advanced mountain bikers. Let me know if you got any questions! 


Gore Range

Jacque Peak